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Friday, December 7, 2012

Let Me Help

The E-Harmony of Real Estate

                   Allow me to find the perfect match for your property.

 For many home owners the listing on their home has regrettably expired without a sale.

As a general rule, five ingredients are needed to result in a sale which is mutually satisfactory to the Seller and the Buyer.

They are:

1)   The listing price and terms must accurately reflect the value buyers are
      currently placing on similar homes in the area,
2)   Your home is in top condition, broken items repaired, paint if necessary, etc.
3)   If occupied, your home must be properly staged to maximize the selling price
4)   Understanding that selling a home is a process of preparation and negotiation.
5)   Most importantly a close working relationship between you and your agent.

As your schedule permits call to discuss the above and allow me to work with you in selling your home – in a BUYERS MARKET. My direct line is: 478-719-4535

Sincerely Yours,

Rick Tipton

  Please Note: This is not a solicitation to list your property if you are already working with a Realtor