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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Banks are starting to unload REOs

Fnally it seems our prayers are being answered.  With millions of REO inventory just sitting there, banks have been waiting for the prime time to start to unload them.  Well, it seems we have reached that point.  Banks nationwide are starting to release the tremendous backlog of REOs (foreclosures).  As many predicted, the election has served as a catalyst for this.  Banks wanted some certainty as to what kind of administration they would be dealing with for the next 4 years, and also some signs that housing values were stabilizing.  Last week, housing reports confirmed that housing values have been rising slowly but surely for the last 5 months.  Remember 2 years ago, when all we saw were REOs popping up left and right.  Well, get ready my buyer and investor friends, it's coming back, and we hope you are all prepared to handle the exceptional deals I can bring your way.  I expect to get much busier, and we'll need to limit my time to serious buyers - ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? Call me today. 478-719-4535