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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Home Ownership - No Longer Just a Dream

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs Dream Homeownership Program has helped over 35,000 Georgians achieve the dream of homeownership by providing affordable first mortgage financing and down payment assistance.
Special emphasis has been given to help, those working in the school system, the medical community and of course our protectors, active duty military and the Georgia Army and Air National Guard, law enforcement (to include correctional department), firefighters, day care providers and to individuals with a disability. This is quite an extensive list. Practically everyone is eligible.

There are a few stipulations of course, such as the purchase may not exceed $200,000. First time home buyers must also attend Home Buyers Education Training, we recommend this to all potential buyers. These loans are usually ½ to 1 full basis point below the prime interest rate. Of course the home buyer must contribute $500.00 of their own personal money, this cannot be borrowed. To acquire a 100% loan the borrow normally must have a credit score of 620 or higher. Lenders usually require 30 business days to complete the paperwork so it can be submitted to DCA.

One of the most inspiring concepts about the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) program is the GREEN program. This program provides grants to builders, up to $20,000 to offset the cost of building energy efficient homes. These energy efficient homes must be Earth Craft, Energy Star or Easy Living certified. The added bonus is that Home buyers who wish to purchase an energy efficient home are eligible for a host of incentives as well.

Talk to your local Almost Home Realtor, he/she will help you find a participating lender. At Almost Home Realty can turn your dream into a reality.

Live the good life and allow your dreams to come true in Jones County, it just keeps getting better.